December 12, 2018
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Keynote: The Future of HR Technology
    Explore New and Upcoming Tech Trends That Will Transform HR
    Jason Averbook
    Author and Thought-Leader, Leapgen

    Continuous change defines the HR landscape, it is accelerated by rapidly emerging technologies. Beat competitors to the benefits of new HR Tech and drive up your performance management, payroll, and recruitment operations for increased productivity. Source strategies to:

    • Grasp the benefits of leading digital tools and how to implement them
    • Broaden and expand your tech investment
    • Ensure ROI from the best new technologies

    Get ahead of the curve with the new and best HR Tech.

  • 9:15 AM
    Panel Leadership: Digital Leadership
    Develop Digitally Focused Leadership Training Programs to Support Your Leaders of the Future
    Susan Lewis
    Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, MD Financial Management
    Danielle Francis
    VP HR Technology, Manulife
    Jennifer L’Heureux
    Country Lead, Region Learning Manager- North America, GE

    In the future of networked teams, leaders need to be agile and digitally savvy to successfully strategize, initiate and accomplish digital transformation. Redefine the role of your HR leaders and ensure they are equipped to champion a new digital era. Take away insight to:

    • Enhance the partnerships of your leaders with digital design
    • Identify the digital leaders in your organization and scale their role
    • Position digital transformation as a business must

    Move past traditional training and establish a strong digital leadership training strategy.

  • 10:00 AM
    Speed Networking

    Engage with your HR peers. Quick rotations will help you break the ice and get to know fellow executives. Bring your business cards, make the right connections, and build exclusive knowledge!

  • 10:30 AM
    Networking Break
  • 11:00 AM
    Panel Discussion: Culture and Technology
    Understanding Which Comes First – Culture or Technology: Integrating Technology Seamlessly into Your Organization
    Lisa Truppa
    AVP, Technology, AT&T
    Alana Free
    Vice President, People and Culture, Good Life Fitness
    Candace DiCresce
    Senior Director, Safety & Well-being, Rogers Communications

    The future workforce is driving a change of culture in the workplace, ensure you grasp the reasons for driving change and safeguard your culture in the process. Assess if change is due to the technology younger employees already have access to, or if is it more of a behavioral trait first. Source insights to:

    • Prepare for the workforce of the future with new infrastructure and working culture
    • Ensure technology supports a highly productive future workforce
    • Asses how to connect your employee cultural engagement with your digital tools

    Support your technology investments by building the right culture for the future

  • 11:45 AM
    Industry Expert: The Future of AI in HR
    Embrace How AI Technology Streamlines Processes and Improves Employee Engagement

    AI is expanding to assist HR in many roles from answering candidate questions, facilitation team communication to tracking well-being. Understand the potential and adopt the benefits of AI technology to boost your recruitment with Chatbots and CV scanning as well as enhanced communication with your workforce. Source a plan of action to:

    • Identify the best AI technologies for your specific needs
    • Clarify the benefits of AI and its impact on your organization
    • Encourage process innovation to reduce administrative burdens

    Expand your HR operations and organizational efficiency with the promise of AI.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Case Study: Diversity and Inclusion
    Leverage Technologies and Implement TA Strategies to Diversify Your Workforce
    Aly Moorji
    HR Manager/Lead: Diversity Talent Acquisition Programs and Employment Outreach, City of Edmonton

    Is your workforce reflective of the demographics of the labour market? Are you hiring and promoting diverse talent? Most organizations are not prepared for a tight labour, do not have enough of the "right" talent needed to meet their business objectives and continue to recruit re-actively and hire and promote peoples that are similar to them. Cement your diversification and inclusion strategy in your HR operations by learning from the City of Edmonton's Talent Acquisition strategy:

    • Promote and communicate your commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
    • Collect diversity data on the demographics of your workforce
    • Set diversification goals
    • Increase the talent acquisition skills and competencies of your Hiring Teams
    • Establish partnerships with post-secondary institutions and employment organizations, supporting diverse communities
    • Engage with talent and provide information and resources via your social media platforms

    Leverage technology to connect talent with your Hiring Teams

  • 2:00 PM
    Industry Expert: Wellbeing
    How to Leverage a Growing Market of Wellbeing Apps and Platforms to Build up your Employment Value and Productivity

    Growing connectivity and access to work has had a serious impact on the growth of work-related stress and overwork. Prevent an exhausted workforce by implementing new technologies that connect mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing to employee performance. Walk away with a plan to:

    • Help employees perform better
    • Instil an easier work life through specific tools that support mental and physical health
    • Nurture communication to enhance employee engagement and productivity

    Support your workforce to thrive through wellbeing technologies.

  • 2:30 PM
    Interactive: Birds of a Feather

    Gain insights from your industry peers and benchmark your organization against others in this interactive session. Attendees will be divided into informal discussion groups centred on a variety of topics related to HR Technology. Topics to be discussed include:

    • Implementing a Digital Transformation program
    • Creating a business case for HR technology
    • Improving digital leadership in your department
    • Integrating technology into your HR processes

    “Flock together” to brainstorm innovative approaches to your most pressing challenges.

  • 3:00 PM
    Networking Break
  • 3:30 PM
    Case Study: Continuous Performance Management
    Use Streamlined and Mobile Goal-setting to Improve Employee Performance
    Lisa Truppa
    AVP, Technology, AT&T

    The changing workforce, fluent in new digital technologies and social media, is demanding continuous performance management. Aligning your performance goals with real-time and multi-directional performance feedback is key to growing your employees and empowering their productivity. Walk away with an action plan to:

    • Boost agility and engagement through transparent objectives and key results goal systems
    • Solidify your employee motivation and development
    • Enable multi-directional and continuous feedback through digital

    Support the growth of your workforce and facilitate continuous performance-management with digital tools.

  • 4:00 PM
    Keynote: People Analytics
    Develop your Analytical Skills to Make HR a Strategic Business Partner
    Alec Levenson
    Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations, Marshall School of Business, Center for Effective Organization, USC

    A robust people analytics strategy offers the promise of enabling HR to be more of a strategic business partner. Yet for all the promise, there are just as many pitfalls. New developments in analytics such as pulse surveys, machine learning and organizational network analysis can help improve HR efficiency and process design. But they can also distract from bigger picture challenges that analytics alone cannot address. Take away insights to:

    • Use systems diagnostics to identify talent and business bottlenecks
    • Improve data-based decision making
    • Integrate analytics and organizational development to improve strategy execution

    Recognize the steps to establish your own program from start-to-finish.

  • 4:45 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day 2
  • 4:50 PM
    Evening Executive Reception

    Unwind and mingle with the delegates and speaker at our end-of-the-day reception. Bring your business cards!

December 12, 2018
December 13, 2018
  • 7:45 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • 8:30 AM
    Opening Keynote: Learning and Development
    How Tech is Transforming your Employee Learning and Development Programs
    Shelley Osborne
    Head of Learning and Development, Udemy

    With the future of work comes the need to re-skill and continuously develop employees. A wide new range of tools is here to facilitate different learning methods and augment training- AI-based systems, VR and AR are redefining when, where and how you provide your teams with performance support . Differentiate your development processes with key technologies that track the progress of your employees’ L&D. Walk away with insights to:

    • Ensure productivity through constant and flexible learning
    • Extract the benefits of tools that put your employees’ learning at the forefront
    • Use “micro learning” and “experience platforms” to bring learning to your employees

    Advance your learning metrics and data knowledge with tech answering the needs of your L&D.

  • 9:15 AM
    Assess the ROI of Your HR Tech Investments to Gain Internal Support
    Stephan Seguin
    Senior Director HR Transformation & Operations, Lowe’s Canada

    Without investing and building up people operations, organizations are left behind in the acquisition of top talent. Ensure that your HR operations have an insight into the future and a direct priority in company growth. Take away specific strategies to:

    • Acquire and implement needed technologies for HR transformation
    • Analyze operational efficiency as measurable ROI
    • Stay ahead of the curve in the acquisition of top-talent to beat your competitors toward business growth

    Ensure that your digital transformation has measurable ROI to secure business interests.l transformation has measurable ROI to secure business interests.

  • 10:00 AM
    Networking Break
  • 10:30 AM
    Panel Discussion: Moving to the Cloud
    How Cloud-based Platforms are Boosting ERP and HCM Management
    Tracey Stub
    VP Human Resource, YMCA Western Ontario
    Melissa Udvari
    Director of People and Culture, Tulip

    In order to survive amidst rapid evolution, HR must adopt and replace their legacy systems with cloud-based platforms. Moving your payroll, talent management and transactional process to the cloud will make you more agile and prepare you to thrive through organizational change. Source best practices to:

    • Plan and initiate your migration to Cloud operations
    • Link your ERP and HCM software investment and direct improvement of employee experience
    • Source the best vendors

    Automate and scale HR by moving to Cloud operations.

  • 11:15 AM
    Industry Expert: Privacy
    How to Create a System Of Data Governance to Ensure Success in Keeping Your Analytics Data Reliable And Useful Over Time

    Analytics is nearly impossible without data accuracy, consistent definitions for key metrics, and strong privacy policies. Rise to an advanced people analytics level by creating a data council to govern your privacy policy. Take away a plan to:

    • Build a data council from the ground up
    • Discover what the best PA led organizations have done to balance privacy with increased insights
    • Make data-sharing and HR-led insights a positive experience for your workforce

    Improve your privacy policies with governance from a data council.

  • 11:45 AM
    Case Study: The Future of Work - Networked Teams
    How New Technology is Enabling Collaboration and Enhancing Cross-functional Teams

    Agile talent, automation, increased communication - Digital disruption is shifting the definition of work and how people engage with it. These new structures for management practices and cultures of sharing are shaping the digital workforce and a new network-based organization. Move your organization in a digital direction by ensuring you possess the right tools to create online teams and ensure your survival into the future. Create a roadmap to:

    • Design a working environment that facilitates productivity across multiple platforms
    • Encourage new modes of work collaboration through team-centric tools
    • Plan for an agile and digital workplace and workforce

    Transform your team’s approach to work to drive up communication, collaboration and efficiency.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch
  • 1:30 PM
    Interactive Session: Vendor Selection
    How to Develop a Well-planned Vendor Selection Process to Maximize Your ROI

    With rapid innovation, an overwhelming number of digital tools and technologies have emerged. Discover which digital HR resources the top companies are investing in. Source a blueprint to:

    • Grasp which tools are necessary for your HR digital transformation
    • Evolve your HR functions through effective technologies
    • Acquire strategies to innovate your HR from leading companies

    Comprehend where and what to source and implement when transforming your digital HR.

  • 1:45 PM
    Industry Expert: Chat Bots for Recruitment
    Use Chatbots to Guide Applicants and Employees through HR Processes

    85% of customer interactions within an enterprise will be with software robots in the next five years. The technological shift is disrupting HR processes and fuelling efficient operations. Grasp the technology to:

    • Deliver efficient front-end candidate interactions
    • Reduce costs through technological advancements
    • Boost your HR and workforce management

    Increase your productivity with the ‘self-serve’ benefits of Chat Bot interactions.

  • 2:15 PM
    Case Study: Talent Acquisition
    How to Unleash the Power of Digital in your Talent Acquisition Strategy
    Will Maurer
    Leader - Global Talent Engagement and Talent Acquisition, Steelcase

    Cognitive, AI, social collaboration, content marketing and digital branding technologies are all redefining the function of Talent Acquisition. Harness the latest digital technologies to complement the evolution of TA, innovate your current processes and form diverse and high achieving teams. Gain insight to:

    • Implement new digital technologies and evolve your TA operations
    • Broaden and expand sourcing channels in the digital talent economy
    • Innovate in creating a compelling candidate and employee experience

    Revamp your TA functions through the benefits of digital technologies.

  • 2:45 PM
    Networking Break
  • 3:15 PM
    Case Study: Gamification in Employee Engagement and Development
    How Online Games Are Growing Your Employees Into An Engaged and Connected User-Base of Your Development Programs
    Allison Dell
    Director Learning and Development, Cineplex Entertainment
    Jennifer Crawford
    Instructional Designer, Cineplex

    Millenials are known for gaming in their spare time. Find out how you can use systems they are familiar with to offer programs that engage your workforce and leadership and create exciting development opportunities. Adopt best practices to:

    • Leverage gamification into your development strategy
    • Keep your workforce engaged and eager to develop with your organization
    • Grow your workforce with enhance skills that result in better work and more productivity

    Engage your employees through gamification strategies that appeal to them and deliver operational results.

  • 3:45 PM
    KEYNOTE: The Journey to Digital HR Transformation
    How The Need For Digital Transformation Will Lead To Radical Change in HR
    Alan Richardson
    VP HR Transformation, RBC

    HR transformation is no longer just about digital or automation, instead, success should be measured through its impact on people productivity, employee experience and HR’s increasing role in driving business transformation. Understand the business case for digital HR transformation and HR’s unique position to lead organization-wide transformation by getting there first. Set your organization on the path to supporting drastic change in the future of work. Take away insights to:

    • Develop a strategy for agile, team-centric HR transformation
    • Progress transformation from automation of processes to maximized productivity and employee experience
    • Prioritize the areas of transformation that best suit your transformation needs

    Don’t get left behind on smart and necessary digital HR transformation.

  • 4:15 PM
    Conference Adjourns
December 13, 2018

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