Lead your organization with digital transformation and HR technology to drive productivity, lower costs, and boost efficiency!

Stay up to date with rapidly evolving technologies transforming the Future of Work. Capitalize on HR’s key role in digital transformation to better equip your people to work smarter and increase productivity through innovative digital tools!

20+HR and Tech Transformation Experts
11+Different Industries Represented
7+Hours of Targeted Networking
7+Innovative Case Studies
3Top-tier Keynotes

Increase productivity and revolutionize your organization:

  1. Technology ROI: Ensure the ROI of Your Tech Investment
  2. The Future of Work: Prepare Your Workforce to Thrive in an Era of Networked Teams
  3. Gamification for Employee Development: Deliver exciting development tools to engage wide ranges of employees and boost engagement with your learning programs
  4. Moving to the Cloud: Boost your ERP and HCM management through cloud-based platforms
  5. Continuous Performance Management: Leverage streamlined and mobile goal setting to boost your employee performance and productivity
  6. Talent Acquisition: Discover how Cognitive, AI, social collaboration, digital branding technologies are redefining the function of TA
  7. People Analytics: Amplify the impact and evidence of HR Transformation with the right data
  8. Vendor Selection: Save time and money with the right technologies and map your vendor selection process
  9. The Future of HR Technology: Navigate the emerging solutions and lead the change in digital transformation
  10. AI and Machine Learning: Determine how AI Technology and ML are streamlining HR processes to improve employee experience and productivity

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